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Lithe believes in leveraging technology to automate manual clerical work and empower management with analytical reporting. We are technology independent company and use it as a tool only. Client's smooth business is our core focus. Quick return on the investment made on the software product is our specialty.

It is with this vision that we have forayed ourselves in support of the hospitality industry with a range of tools and platforms that will help in an accurate evaluation of business based on various performance indices that include:

  • Empowering users with analytical information at right time and at right place
  • Analytics not only as a postmortem tool but as a tool to influence decision
  • Common platform for the entire organization
  • Minimum investment on software
  • Stay abreast with complete last mile visibility of the business
  • The power to micromanage your business processes at one click
  • Feedback mechanism to review client satisfaction ratios
  • Performance analytics to identify diligent workforce
  • Flexibility to include a host of services on one single platform for your clients to avail


works both in online and offline mode, with ability to auto-synchronize data. Business remains uninterrupted even without internet connectivity.Read more


All the data is securely synced with the cloud servers and can be access and modified at multi-location on multi-devices. Controlling business is just a Sign up away! Read more


Keep a complete check on products, purchase and orders with the most user-friendly POS. Promotions, pricing, security and all other aspects can be centrally controlled.Read more

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